Villa Fresno Hills / Costa Vida Estates

Team Of Professionals

Brian Brook    Merri Brook


                    President / Owner   


Brian & Merri Brook resides in Palm Springs, California. 
 Brian has 50Yrs as a Sales and Marketing Professional.  
Real Estate Developer and Reverse Mortgage Specialist,

David Bengert

Vice President / Owner

Managing Partner

David has 52 yrs of  Commercial and New Home Construction Experience in Canada.
Worked for one of the Largest homebuilders in Western Canada.
Created and founded Built Green Canada, the first environmental certification program for new home construction in Canada.
 President of Built Green for 8 years multiple awards from both the Federal and Provincial Governments for his work in reducing the environmental footprint of new home construction.
Joined a major Hotel company as Vice President of Construction for 9 hotels in three Canadian provinces.
 Appointed as the sole builder representative for the Federal Canadian Government
on the creation of a new energy rating system for Canada 

Candiss Bengert

   Marketing Director


 Professional Hairstylist 20 years.
Worked for the Top Salons in Calgary.
Real Estate Professional Realtor for 17 Yrs. 
 Member of the Million Dollar Club for Top Producer in Sales. 
 Area Sales Manager for Two of the Largest New Home Builders in Calgary.
Recognized by the Calgary Home Building Association as a Top Sales Producer. 
Judge for the Canadian Home Builders of Alberta Industry Awards
 Accredited Home Staging Professional.

 Rodrigo Arguello  Rudin 

                             Project Manager

 Graduate of The University of Costa Rica as a Civil Engineer.
Chief Engineer in Cachi Power Plant 11 Stage of ICE National Power Company.
Vice President of the Health Board of Currdabat San Jose Costa Rica.
President of the board of CTP Tirrases Technical School in Curridabat.
Manager of Inataco, a rental company in Costa Rica.
Owner of Rudin Rental, a small construction equipment rental company.

Juan Carlos Volio Escalante

Costa Vida Estates 




Juan Carlos was born in San José, Costa Rica. 

He is a graduate of the Universidad Auntónoma de Centroamerica and Universidad Creativa, as an Architect.

Principal and founder of the architecture and design firm Plan B Glocal., glocal as in global and local combined, a strong philosophy in the firm <Think Globally – Act Locally>.

He worked in recognized firms in the country such as DYPSA, Roblesarq, and Laboratory Sustaining Design.

His grandfather was a very popular architect and he was honored by working with him for several years.

Recently Plan B Glocal, was a finalist at the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño BID16, in Madrid Spain.

With a full agenda on design, Plan B Glocal presents an option to generate and share ideas. A platform for the discussion of greener concepts, new uses for materials, and proposals for social integration. Processes, interpretations, experiences, and ways of thinking about society and live in it from design and from a collective sense.

For Plan, B Glocal is a privilege to be involved in such an amazing development  Costa Vida Estates.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi.



Manuel Mora


Costa Vida Estates 

Land Maintenance Contractor

Manuel has looked after Costa Vida Estates Land for ten years.

He was born and raised in Parrita.

Manuel is an expert at knowing when, how, where and what exposure is best for the plants.Control of the rapid growth of tropical vegetation is an ongoing job.

Manuel has planted over 4,000 new plants on the property.  

Plantains, pineapples, lemons, coconuts, papaya, and a variety of flowering plants. Manuel is happily married and has two children. 

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