Through The Eyes Of A Tiger!

Focused, Determined, Passionate, Knowledge Of How To Hunt And Reach His Goal! 


Through The Eyes Of Your Builder!

Focused, Determined, Passionate, Knowledge Of How To Build And Reach The Goal! 

 I Have The Know How You Need!

Knowledge Building Assets!

Building Eco-Logical Green Homes  In Costa Rica

Best Builder Practices & Principles!

Building  Eco-Logical Green Homes In Costa Rica.

How They Are Similar No Matter What The Size!

Knowledge is Key!

Replaced The Cold Climate!

To Build Eco-Logical Homes in Costa Vida Estates, Costa Rica.

Past President of Built Green in Canada!!

Calgary Herald  September 21, 2018. Article on David Bengert

"Build in Costa Rica"

Great Investment!  New Opportunity !  

New Home Development!        New Building Concepts!


Limited Number Of Lots Available.

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