Our Community Feels Like......Living  In Your Own National Park!



What Motivates Us and Is Our Inspiration?


  A Simpler Way Of  Life, While Keeping A Beautiful LifeStyle!      


      Our Love For Nature, Animals, Family, and Friends.

To Build and Plant, Entertain and Have Fun!

  Costa Rica is The Perfect Place For A  Healthier Life.

We Want Like Minded Friends To Come and Share This Tropical Paradise!


     Build And Live in Costa Rica, Enjoy Your Life!

 Costa Vida Estates Is An Area Built by Nature Lovers, For Nature Lovers! 

We have created a community that nourishes the inner soul. 
This is what you will see as you drive, walk or cycle through Costa Vida.
Scenic Views of the Ocean and Lush Tropical Vegetation with Gentle winding curves of the interior country road taking you to the Private Homesites! 
Enjoy the sounds of a variety of birds and monkey's along with a light breeze blowing through the trees!
We are inspired by these two quotes from Frank Lloyd Wright!
"No home should ever be on any hill or on anything!
" It should be of the hill, belonging to it so hill and house could live together,
each the happier for the other".
" Study nature, love nature stay close to nature, it will never fail you".



Villa Fresno Hills 
403-312-7734 costavida403@gmail.com

Google Earth Search

Type in  9 33' 22.91"N 84 25' 03.65"W

This will take you to the entry of the Costa Vida Estates Community.

This video shows a short walk down the Municipal Country Road to the Entrance of Costa Vida Estates.

The Black Iron Gate has a distinct look of Strength!

How 0ne Horsepower isn't Rattled by an 80 Horsepower Backhoe!

We just had to take this video that shows the Excavation of the Front Entrance 1 year Ago!

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