What makes Costa Vida Estates a Desirable Community!

Natures Wonderland!
Beautiful Ocean & MountainViews
Character Lots for Sale in Costa Vida Estates

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 One-of-a-kind New Community in Costa Rica.

Located within the picturesque canton of Parrita, the development properties offer plenty of investment opportunities. Our community is specially designed to stay in harmony with nature and enhance the beauty of the area,
not take away from it.
The boutique nature of the land for sale in Costa Vida allows for an exclusive vibe that makes for broad appeal.                        
Lots for sale in Costa Vida give the chance to reserve a spot within a true tropical paradise. Buying and selling land in Costa Vida is one of the few truly solid investment opportunities in the current market. Costa Rica has acres and acres of lush land that have been virtually untouched. Costa Vida Estates plans to honor that tradition. The land for sale in Costa Vida is intended only for the true lovers of nature. The goal isn’t to change the area into a commercial and overcrowded tourist spot. Instead, Costa Vida Estates uses innovations to preserve the natural surroundings.
The land for sale in Costa Vida is allocated for eco-friendly housing with a truly resort-like feel. Eco-friendly housing doesn’t mean comfort has to be compromised. All luxuries expected while on vacation are within reach including private pools, spacious outdoor living spaces, and amazing scenic views.
The designs of the proposed lots for sale in Costa Vida are breathtakingly beautiful.
All properties will be designed by an architect indigenous to Costa Rica.
This is extremely important to confirm that those creating your dream homes are familiar with the needs of the land.
Also, a key part of Costa Vida Estates is that our company has more than 50 years of experience in the housing industry. 
Lots for sale in Costa Vida are a draw for investors, retirees, and those looking for vacation properties. Costa Rica is one of the very few countries that have friendly foreign property ownership laws. Residency requirements and foreign partnerships are not required for land ownership. This is a substantial benefit since this makes real estate transactions go smoothly. Regardless of citizenship, all property owners in Costa Rica have the same rights. Along with these rights are access to the low tax rate within the country.
At this time Costa Rica’s annual property taxes are incredibly low: 0.25% of the total property assessment.
Land for sale in Costa Vida is yours for the taking. With an affordable price tag, you can live in a vacation spot year-round. Costa Vida Estates offers sustainable housing within a private, picturesque area of Costa Rica.

Unique Real Estate Opportunity in Costa Vida

Real estate in Costa Vida is starting to flourish. Many investors are just now uncovering this hidden jewel located in the Parrita canton of Costa Rica. Although the charming area is one of the best places to live in the world, prices for real estate in Costa Vida are shockingly affordable. Costa Vida Estates provides an opportunity to secure a gorgeous property at a very low price tag.                         
Costa Vida Estates will be a project unlike most have ever seen. Sustainability is the foundation of the planned construction. We don’t want to build a community that doesn’t uphold the same values we believe in.                          
Costa Vida Estates is a boutique community. To appeal to those looking for privacy within a peaceful locale.                    
Real Estate in Costa Vida is yours for the taking. Contact one of our team members to discuss the lot options currently available. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!