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  Land for Sale in Beautiful Costa Rica

Lots for sale in Costa Rica is available at the gorgeous and eco-friendly Costa Vida Estates. Costa Vida has the major perk of being located in a spot that is private, yet very accessible. Travel to Costa Vida is easy, especially for visitors arriving from the nearby airport. A private access road allows for convenient commuting to and from Costa Vida Estates.
Land for sale in Costa Rica is one of the hidden gems within the real estate market. Costa Rica is a paradise with a natural landscape that has been preserved. Costa Vida Estates plans to keep up with preservation efforts. The goal is to use eco-friendly architectural designs to remain harmonious with the area’s natural beauty. Our house-building firm has decades of experience in creating communities that are esthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.
All our lots for sale in Costa Rica offer different perks to buyers. For starters, each lot provides exceptional views of the scenery. Depending on the lot you choose, you have a full view of appealing landmarks in the area. As an example, one of the premier lots has both a terrific view of the ocean and nearby valley. The lot also backs up to a private creek for your own use. The land for sale in Costa Vida Estates accommodate both single and double-story build options. Decks are included to make the most out of the location with enticing views of the landscape. Entertain guests on a spacious deck with 360-degree views or simply unwind in your own private oasis.
Located within the central coastal area of Costa Rica, the land for sale at Costa Vida Estates has countless impressive landscapes. The beaches of the area are renowned in the Parrita canton and sits right on the Pacific coastline. Throughout the area, valleys and rivers are abundant along with a mountain range situated along the shoreline. The Parrita canton is a very desirable locale in the Costa Rica real estate market. Lots within the region are affordably priced because the region is considered a hidden gem. Costa Vida Estates will not cause a surge in crowds in the area. We specialize in boutique residences with limited lot availability. Untouched acreage is plentiful within the community and surrounding areas.
Land for Costa Rica in Parrita has the appeal of offering both a mountain and coastal landscape. Within Costa Vida Estates, sustainability will be a part of all building and maintenance processes. Our building firm is committed to protecting nature while delivering exceptional quality homes. Only the best quality building materials are chosen when constructing each house. The end result will be beautiful homes built to last for years to come—without imposing an adverse impact on the environment.

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