Houses In Costa Rica

Gorgeous Houses in Costa Rica

Lots for sale in Puntarenas give you the opportunity to build a gorgeous home in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a thriving real estate market in Puntarenas and surrounding areas. The houses in Costa Rica at Costa Vida Estates are being designed with a resort design esthetic. The homes in Puntarenas will feel like you’re on vacation all year-round. The location is perfect for those who want to get away from it all, but still close enough to travel to the area’s fun-filled attractions.
Costa Vida Estates is a planned boutique community right at the country’s central coastline. The lots for sale in Puntarenas provide ample space for your specially designed eco-friendly home. Each property will have a minimum of 1200 square feet home with an in-ground pool, covered garage, and spacious deck. Decks are placed to optimize your view. Residents can wake up each morning to watch the sun rise and feel renewed. The elevated lots promise unobstructed views of the mountains, ocean, and surrounding valleys.
Houses in Costa Rica at the Costa Vida Estates will be sustainable and well-appointed. Each open floor plan will provide space for entertaining. Cabinets are constructed from your choice of tropical woods. Eco-friendly air conditioning and oversized ceiling fans keep the interior at a perfect temperature. All day long Luxury building materials are used in all of our construction projects, including porcelain tiles and floors. LED lighting is installed on fixtures to reduce carbon footprints and keep bulbs long-lasting. Attractive and energy-efficient appliances are installed in each home. For convenience, a space-saving washer and dryer is included with each residence. Although you’ll get away from it all in Costa Rica, you won’t feel secluded. An internet tower was installed to ensure homeowners stay connected to the outside world.
Our architect is from Costa Rica and has selected several models to choose from. The homes in Puntarenas will be designed around your family’s needs and your current lifestyle. Home buyers may prefer designs for single story properties or choose a multi-level home to accommodate more guests. The in-ground pool and outdoor landscaping are customized to fit your design goals. Our architects work directly with clients to create a home that has all the features they need.
Throughout the planning for Costa Vida Estates, the project has evolved. The homes in Puntarenas took years of development to confirm we were creating a set of residences that make the most of the awe-inspiring beauty of the area. Each phase of building takes into account several key factors including wildlife, plant growth schedule, and weather patterns. The project is designed to provide a true “dream home” within an area renowned for its natural beauty.

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