Homes For Sale In Parrita

Sustainable and Affordable Homes for Sale in Parrita

Lots for sale in Parrita are now available through Costa Vida Estates. The planned residences are ready for construction to commence with designs to appeal to those looking for eco-friendly housing options. Buyers can choose from pre-fabricated designs from our expert Costa Rican architect or work with team members to create a custom house. Real estate in Costa Rica has a positive track record of offering a high return on investment.
Lots for sale in Parrita at Costa Vida Estates are very affordable. Prices are low, but the quality is high. All building materials are top of the line and include the latest innovations to guarantee sustainability. Local supplies and staff are always preferred to help Costa Rican economies thrive. Working with locals is also advantageous due to their comfort working in their native region. Our team understands the lay of the land and is trained to maintain our vision of creating an eco-friendly paradise. The small number of residences planned for Costa Vida Estates prevents the over-development of the natural land. Wildlife and tropical plants are protected as a way for you to enjoy living in the midst of nature.
Costa Vida Estates has private road access but is easily accessible from major roadways in Costa Rica. The region is also close to local attractions that you may want to visit while enjoying your Parrita home. Within the region, beaches are a major draw with numerous spots to visit. The appeal of Parrita beaches is that most are remote with none of the tourist crowds. Beaches in Parrita are perfect for relaxing or enjoying long scenic walks. Top places to visit while in Costa Rica include Esterillos Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Hermosa, and Rainmaker Park.
Contact us today with any questions you may have about buying real estate in Costa Rica. The process is surprisingly simple and works just as though you’re buying a home in North America. Foreign owners of property in Costa Rica have the same rights and privileges as Costa Rican citizens. Along with lots for sale in Parrita having a reasonable cost, taxes are exceptionally low. Property owners pay only 0.25 percent of the assessed home value.

Our Team members have been working tirelessly for years to create an idyllic space that feels like a resort, but remains in harmony with nature.