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Costa Vida Estates Story

  How! What! Where! Why! When!

Told By: Managing Partner David Bengert

Coming Soon!

Costa Vida Estates Story

  I'd like to start by saying our land is magical!

It truly offers the true Costa Rican Experience!

What is the Costa Rican Experience?

Living with nature and the beauty of the lush tropical healing breeze that hugs you!

Being around happy genuine people!

Sustainable Lifestyle and Loving the experience of being able to grow almost anything you can think of on your land!

Listening to the sounds of the tropical forest and the creatures that inhabit it!

The beautiful Central Pacific Ocean only minutes away!

Learning a new language and the history of how Costa Rica was discovered! 


People have asked us why we chose to develop this 55-acre parcel of land, it is so remote and full of trees that are overgrown!