Costa Rica

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Homes for sale in Costa Rica are not all created equal. Buyers need to make informed decisions to ensure they are not only securing a beautiful property, but also one with the potential to be a profitable investment. Costa Vida Estates offers all of this and much, much more.
Buying and selling in Costa Rica involve the same research as buying in any other area of the world. Compare regions around Costa Rica and you’ll find that Parrita is a standout in the crowd. While living in Parrita, you can enjoy it all: majestic mountains, spectacular beaches, and picturesque valleys. A series of rivers run through the Parrita canton, offering plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities. Furthermore, agriculture is a big part of Parrita, which promises acres and acres of lush land. A sampling of the few crops that are native to the land includes pineapple, melon, bananas, and palm oil.
Homes in Costa Rica are most desirable when located nearby the beach. Costa Vida Estates is a stone’s throw away from some of the best beaches in the world. The beach is a big draw for anyone looking at real estate in the country. With average year-round temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 27 °C), the beach can be enjoyed any time. Esterillos Beach, Bejuco Beach, Palma Beach, and Palo Selco Beach are a sampling of the top beaches within Parrita. These beaches are far from tourist traps. Beaches around Costa Vida Estates are remote with their natural beauty untouched. The water is warm for bathing with relaxing waves that only add to the tranquil vibe. The beaches are never overcrowded and are the ideal place to take long walks or go for early morning runs.
Once you’re sold on how much Parrita has to offer, research homes for sale within the region, including Costa Vida. Costa Vida Estates promises an original resort-style experience while maintaining the natural landscape. New construction is always preferred within the real estate market. With new construction, you have flexibility with the type of home you want to own. The lots at Costa Vida Estates accommodate single and multi-story property types. Homes for sale are designed by a Costa Rican architect who is familiar with local goods and follows the best building practices for the country. Whenever possible, building materials will be locally sourced to help the local economy flourish.